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          希尼爾翻譯公司(www.kea-cares.com)2015年12月27日了解到:Sirius Minerals has secured a supply deal with a Chinese fertiliser importer, underpinning the UK mining explorer’s plan to open a potash mine underneath a national park in Yorkshire. 天狼星礦業(Sirius Minerals)與中國一家肥料進口商達成供應協議,為這家英國礦產勘探企業開采約克郡一個國家公園地下鉀肥礦的計劃提供了支撐。

          On Thursday, Sirius announced a seven year “take or pay” deal with Huaken International that will run for seven years and involve the miner supplying up to 500,000 tonnes of polyhalite annually in the final year of that term. 周四,天狼星宣布與華墾國際(Huaken International)達成為期7年的“照付不議”協議,礦商將在合同期的最后一年供應至多50萬噸雜鹵石。

          News of the deal caps a year in which Sirius won a lengthy battle to secure planning permission to build its York Potash project near Whitby, under the North York Moors. 這份協議的消息為天狼星充滿波折的一年畫上句號,其間該公司贏得了爭取規劃許可的漫長斗爭,獲準在惠特比(Whitby)附近北約克沼澤國家公園(North York Moors)推進其“約克鉀肥”項目。

          Whether the project goes ahead now hinges on financing for the mine, which Sirius is looking to develop amid a deep mining downturn as the prices of commodities have tumbled. A detailed feasibility study with proposed construction costs is due to be announced by Sirius in January. 但是,該項目最終是否上馬仍取決于項目融資,畢竟,天狼星正試圖在大宗商品價格暴跌、礦業深陷低迷的背景下開發該礦。天狼星將在1月宣布一項詳盡的可行性研究,其中包括估算的建設成本。

          Sirius’ deal with Huaken is the latest in a string of supply deals that the Aim-quoted developer has announced as it has tried to build the investor case for the mine. 天狼星與華墾達成的交易,是這家在倫敦證交所另類投資市場(AIM)上市的開發商迄今宣布的一系列供應協議之一,該公司試圖為這個鉀肥礦打造投資者基礎。

          Demonstrating demand for its product is particularly important because polyhalite, the type of mineral to be produced in Yorkshire, has previously been little used globally compared with a known range of other potash products. 展示對產品的需求尤其重要,因為相比其他一些已知的鉀肥產品,雜鹵石(約克郡將要開采的礦物)此前在全球很少使用。

          Sirius abandoned early plans to process the polyhalite into other forms and its business plan entails shipping it direct to customers — which it claims will bring “disruptive innovation” to the fertiliser market. 天狼星放棄了把雜鹵石加工成其它形態的早期計劃,其業務計劃包括把雜鹵石直接發運給客戶,聲稱這種做法將給肥料市場帶來“破壞性創新”。

          In announcing the deal with Huaken, Sirius said polyhalite would be used as a soil conditioner in China. “It can assist in helping countries like China restore agricultural productivity and maintain food security for future generations,” explained Chris Fraser, chief executive of Sirius. 在宣布與華墾達成的這筆交易時,天狼星表示,雜鹵石將在中國被用作土壤改良劑?!八鼘⒂兄谥袊@樣的國家恢復農業生產率,為子孫后代保障糧食安全,”天狼星首席執行官克里斯·弗雷澤(Chris Fraser)表示。

          Analysts at Liberum, one of Sirius’ corporate brokers, said the would-be miner had now signed binding offtake agreements for 3.6mt annually of its product, which is in line with the company’s target ahead of securing finance. Its largest offtake deal is for 1.5mt annually with an unnamed US agribusiness. 天狼星公司的經紀人之一Liberum的分析師表示,這家潛在礦商迄今簽署的有約束力采購協議的年度總量已達到360萬噸,與該公司的融資前目標相符。其最大的采購協議來自美國一家農業綜合企業(名稱不詳),規模達每年150萬噸。

          In the project’s proposed first phase, Sirius will aim to build a mine capable of supplying 10mt of polyhalite annually, which it says would give it about 3 per cent of the global potash market in 2020.

          “As with Sirius’s other offtake agreements, pricing is based on a formula linked to polyhalite’s constituent nutrients. This is another major step forward for Sirius, further de-risking the project from a marketing perspective,” Liberum said. 在該項目擬議中的第一階段,天狼星的目標是建設一個年產1000萬噸雜鹵石的鉀肥礦,該公司稱,這將使其在2020年占據全球鉀肥市場的大約3%。

          Sirius’s project involves sinking 1,500 metre shafts into the mineral seam to be mined, then sending the product 36km through a tunnel 250 metres below the moors to a port at Teesside for export. It would be among the largest mining projects ever built in the UK, comparable to the development of the now defunct Selby coalfields in Yorkshire in the 1980s. “就像天狼星達成的其他采購協議一樣,價格將基于一個與雜鹵石的具體養分掛鉤的公式。這是天狼星向前邁出的又一大步,從營銷視角看進一步降低了該項目的風險,”Liberum表示。